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The Importance of Education in Our Lives and in Promoting Global Peace

importance of education


If you are reading this article then you are amongst the fortunate few who received education. And with the current situations prevailing in the world like inequalities, poverty, and war, the importance of education in our lives is nothing but rising by the day.  Education is a fundamental element of the UN’s peacebuilding efforts.  …

The National Curriculum Framework 2020: A New Vision for Indian Education



The Indian education system has seen a significant transformation in recent years with the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Central to this transformation is the National Curriculum Framework 2022, a cornerstone of the NEP. In this blog, we will understand  the details of this framework, what it means for our education system,…

What is a Student Exchange Program and Why Consider One?



Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad? If so, a student exchange program is a great way to do it. Student exchange programs allow students to study at a partner institution in another country for a semester or a year. Read the blog till the end to get a better understanding of what is a…

Importance of Leadership Education: Are Schools Teaching it Right?



We all know that leaders aren’t only born; they’re made, too. Leadership for students goes beyond the classroom—it equips them for life. It helps them to be better team players, problem solvers, and communicators. It encourages them to take responsibility for their actions, to be proactive, and stand up for what they believe in. In…

Collaborative Learning: Grouping for fun and Effective Learning



Aren’t we always delighted to study with friends? Be it school or be it college, friends have played a pivoting role in our academics. This, in formal terms, is called collaborative learning. It is a significant aspect of modern education as it helps make the same teaching and learning process more fun and creative.  Let’s…

Top 6 Unconventional Qualities of a Good Teacher in Today’s World

Overview of the rare qualities of a good teacher


Not everyone can become a good teacher; it takes more than just possessing qualities of a good teacher to be one. However, common traits exist among excellent teachers. These personal qualities of a teacher go beyond being a friendly presence or having a pleasing personality. Researchers worldwide have identified these traits by observing teachers whose…

5 Things The Top Schools in Guwahati Have in Common

Overview of the top schools in Guwahati


A Top school in Guwahati holds the key to provide a stellar education for our children. Therefore, In a world of increasing competition and demands, these schools offer much more than academic excellence. They prioritize a well-rounded education focusing on values, knowledge, and experiential learning. With a curriculum tailored to the modern digital landscape, these top cbse…

Top 5 cbse schools in Assam: A Comprehensive Guide

CBSE Schools in Assam


What makes CBSE the talk of the town among students and parents in Assam? Well, since its inception on July 1, 1962, CBSE has been rewriting the rules of education. With its headquarters in New Delhi, CBSE schools in Assam stand tall as beacons of quality education, thereby shaping the future of generations to come….

Top 6 Modern Trends in Education to Come in 2024

Modern education trends blog image


In the ever-shifting world, modern trends in education make a drastic impact in our lives. A stagnant education system with a curriculum that does not quite catch up with the real world expectations and needs, barely helps the youth. Therefore, we need to keep the education trends in the loop to continuously improve.  The methods…

Modern Education System of India: An Overview

Modern education system of India


Modern education is the system of imparting education that helps students deal with the modern world problems and make a high paying career out of it. Unlike ancient traditional education that was based on a lifelong analysis of theology and philosophy, modern education is more practical.  While traditional education focused a lot on catching up…

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