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The CBSE School in Guwahati to Grow Your Career

The CBSE School in Guwahati to Grow Your Career


In the search for a CBSE school in Guwahati, International School Guwahati soars all the way to the top. And it is no longer unknown that every parent looks for a CBSE school for the education of their child for many obvious reasons. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the first option for many aspirants. The main benefits of studying in CBSE schools include quality education sourced directly from the center, a flexible curriculum that also involves mastering every sphere of life, and many more. 

The CBSE education system is a much more reliable and uniform way to approach education. Besides the firm recognition of the board, it is also a support system for further milestones in life such as the UPSC. 


How Are We the Best CBSE School in Guwahati?

There is an amazing line of schools following the CBSE education system to give your child the best of their future. Each one of these schools promises unparalleled 


Creative Learning Experience

Creativity is the spice of learning and we make sure we put a lot of it in our every endeavor. Our classrooms are fitted with modern tools to felicitate our students’ creativity. 

We also regularly carry out creativity-boosting sessions such as storytelling, skits, and other fun activities that help students learn without the pressure of learning. Creative classrooms give students an opportunity to learn with fun and gain interest in learning. 


Supportive Modern Infrastructure 

A school is made great by many things and a good supportive infrastructure that compliments its education system. Hence, at International School Guwahati, we prioritise our infrastructural development aptly. 


CBSE Education Through Machine and AI Learning

Utilising the gift of modern technology should be the motto of every CBSE school in Guwahati. Therefore, International School Guwahati makes it a point to incorporate AI and machine learning into our students’ learning experience. 

We aim to make our teaching and learning process smoother than ever utilising every resource we can come up with. 


Scholarship for the Deserving

With little financial aid, education becomes easily accessible. We endeavor to provide every student with the prospect of our scholarship through academic excellence. 

Our criteria are to provide scholarships to students who score more than 90% in their academics. This way, we not only aid the very education process but encourage the students to do better. 


Core to the Tip

Our education is attempted to nourish you right from the core and help you reach the summit. Therefore, our schooling starts at the foundation level and encompasses every level and aspect of your academia. Secondary, lower secondary, and higher secondary are all included to help your academic journey. 

No longer is it required to switch schools for every new milestone in your academia? We have it all for you. 



Ranking amongst the best CBSE schools in Guwahati is more of a responsibility than a title. We are ever-growing and ever-improvising to remain at the apex of your education. What we are today, we are never tomorrow; in fact, we are better and trying to impart better education. 

Come join our institution and let your child’s education be much grander than just passing the examination. Let your child learn from within and shine from within.

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