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Tips for Effective Online Studying: Elevate Your Studying Sessions

tips for effective online studying


The era of paper books, notebooks, and pens has almost passed. From official business to academic studying, everything has shifted to the online mode. Students no longer require bringing loads of books to the school. All they need is their laptop, phone or tablet with a proper internet connection. Therefore, now that online education has…

Is Students’ Mental Health at Risk? Learn Ways to Boost It

students’ mental health


Common sense and scientific research indicate that dopamine, often termed the ‘happy hormone,’ releases during activities like practicing gratitude or basking in sunlight. Researchers have linked low dopamine levels to various students’ mental health disorders, including major depressive disorders; therefore, scientists are continuously investigating the role of dopamine in these conditions. However, it remains uncertain…

The Importance of Education in Our Lives and in Promoting Global Peace

importance of education


If you are reading this article then you are amongst the fortunate few who received education. And with the current situations prevailing in the world like inequalities, poverty, and war, the importance of education in our lives is nothing but rising by the day.  Education is a fundamental element of the UN’s peacebuilding efforts.  …

7 Underestimated Learning Techniques for Students for Every Subject

learning techniques for students


Believe it or not but most of our school life is spent learning one thing or another. Yet, it is something we still struggle with and absolutely despise. Every student faces the same issue. Therefore, in this blog, we thought we will give you some clarity over the subject matter with the subject-specific learning techniques…

How is the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Revolutionising Education?



People are busy with their work schedules but education is also crucial. Thus, open schooling is picking up speed. The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is aiding these aspirants a lot. School boards in India and open learning institutions provide individuals with the opportunity to learn at their own speed, offering flexibility and freedom.   …

How to Inculcate Social Skills for Students in School?



Developing social skills for students in school is critical for their healthy socialization and overall success in school and beyond. Social skills assist children to effectively communicate with others, form relationships, work in groups, settle problems, and develop self-esteem. Teaching children these abilities is an important aspect of their education, and parents and teachers can…

Collaborative Learning: Grouping for fun and Effective Learning



Aren’t we always delighted to study with friends? Be it school or be it college, friends have played a pivoting role in our academics. This, in formal terms, is called collaborative learning. It is a significant aspect of modern education as it helps make the same teaching and learning process more fun and creative.  Let’s…

Top Must Have Life Skills to Learn for Your Child

Guide to Life skills to learn for your child


In our lifetime, we come across so many life skills to learn. In a manner of saying, these are the essential elements that later build us as a good citizen, a good son or daughter, a good student, and a good person. But, more than just that, they help make our lives a little smoother…

Top 6 Modern Trends in Education to Come in 2024

Modern education trends blog image


In the ever-shifting world, modern trends in education make a drastic impact in our lives. A stagnant education system with a curriculum that does not quite catch up with the real world expectations and needs, barely helps the youth. Therefore, we need to keep the education trends in the loop to continuously improve.  The methods…

Modern Education System of India: An Overview

Modern education system of India


Modern education is the system of imparting education that helps students deal with the modern world problems and make a high paying career out of it. Unlike ancient traditional education that was based on a lifelong analysis of theology and philosophy, modern education is more practical.  While traditional education focused a lot on catching up…

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