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Ancient Wonders: 10 Historical Places in Assam One Must Visit

historical places in assam


Do you know Assam is also famous for its historical places apart from its tea?

Assam, situated in the heart of the other Northeast Indian states, is more than just a feast for your eyes. It is famous for its blissful greenery and natural scenery captivates every tourist but also beyond the captivating beauty lies the treasure of ancient sites that speak of a bygone era. Starting from the holy Kamakhya Temple, an important pilgrimage center to Ahom kingdom’s ancient tombs, Assam stands out to be a historical gem that could take back to the time of kings and queens.

Moreover, all these heritage sites and historical monuments in Assam also be important for students to excursion. Woven with threats of diverse cultures and religions the historical places in Assam portray an informative picture for the students and the tourists as well.

If you ever visit Assam don’t just get swept away by its natural beauty. Take some time out of your busy schedule to look into the rich cultural heritage of Assam. Excursion or an education tour is a great way to make students learn better and Assam could be one of the important places that you would like to take your students.

Now, Let’s take a look at the most important ancient historical places in Assam you would not like to miss:

  1. Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati

    Kamakhya Temple one of the historical places in assam
    Kamakhya Temple, one of the important historical places in Assam is situated in the prime location of Nilachal Hill in Guwahati, Assam. Dedicated to Goddess Kamkhaya, this epitome of a sacred place leaps out as a symbol of devotion and spirituality. This ancient temple, devoted to Goddess Kamakhya, a representation of Goddess Shakti, attracts millions of worshipers each year. The temple’s distinctive architecture, vivid festivals, and mysterious air make it a must-see for pilgrims, tourists, and students.

  2.  Rang Ghar, Sivasagar

    Rang Ghar is also one of the historical places in assam
    Rang Ghar, located in Sivasagar, is a classic example of Ahom architecture that is still standing tall. Rang Ghar was originally believed to be the Ahom royals’ amusement house during the reign of the Ahom dynasty in Assam. Therefore, this monument is also one of the significant historical places in Assam.
    In terms of architecture, it is a two-story structure built during the reign of King Swargadeo Pramatta Singha. Many other activities, including various sports, were observed here. Rang Ghar must be on the list if you plan to visit Assam.

  3. Agnigarh, Tezpur


    Angigargh is of the important historical places in assam
    Another famous historical place in Assam, is Agnigarh, a tiny hill located in the very heart of Tezpur town in the Sonitpur district of Assam. This location is well-known for the ancient romance between Aniruddha and Usha. To prevent Usha from meeting Aniruddha, historical accounts state that her father enveloped this mound in fire from all directions. Thus, Usha’s father kept her away from Aniruddha in Agnigarh. But as it happens, this location is now a major tourist attraction.

  4. Powa Mecca, Hajo

    powa Mecca, Hajo is anothe rhisctorical place in assam to visit

    Hajo Powa Mecca, a historical place in Assam which translates to “one-quarter of Mecca,” is a well-known place of worship. According to local tradition, those who pray in this particular mosque are granted a quarter of the heavenly favor that is present in Mecca. Built in the reign of Shah Jahan, it is a historically notable structure. By listening to the villagers’ fascinating stories, visitors can additionally ask for favors but also gain knowledge about how the site was built.

  5. Madan Kamdev

    Madan Kamdev one of the famous historical places in assam
    Another must-visit historical place in Assam is Madan Kamdev. Madan Kamdev, located just near the city of Guwahati Province is home to historic remains with a little-known history spanning from the 9th to 10th century. With few written documents, the location remains a mystery, showing scattered ruins of twelve temples and sensual sculptures reminiscent of Khajuraho.

  6. Surya Pahar, Goalpara

    Surya Pahar is also another historical place in Assam you should visit
    Picture Credit: The Travelling Slacker

    Surya Pahar is an archaeological treasure located 12 kilometers from Goalpara in Assam. Known as the “Hill of the Sun,” which means it is associated with sun worship and has significant historical significance. Locals say that there are 99,999 Shiva Lingas at this location, rendering it a treasure trove of myths and riddles. The discovered objects have been exhibited in a local museum, highlighting the ethnic diversity of this historical site.

  7. Khaspur, Silchar

    Khaspur, Silchar, is anaothe historical places in assam that is famous for its ancient heritage.

    Khaspur, Silchar is another prominent historical place in Assam. Located 20 kilometers from Silchar, it also is home to the remnants of the Dimasa Kingdom, which include a king’s temple, lion gate, sun gate, and magnificent elephant pattern gates.

  8. Charaideo

    Charaideo is another historical place in assam you should visit.
    Sukhapa’s Ahom dynasty capital, Charaideo, is the most important historical place in Assam that has multiple burial places for Ahom kings and queens. The hilltop contains 42 tombs that resemble the Assam Pyramids. These tombs showcase medieval architectural styles and offer insights into the culture and way of life of the Ahom monarchs. Without a doubt, Charaideo is an important historic site in Assam, defining the region’s rich legacy.

  9. Umananda Island

    Umananda Island, a historical place in assam famous for its ancient history.
    Umananda Island, located amid the mighty Brahmaputra River, is said to be another historical place in Assam. The tiny island, Umananda Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Visitors seeking tranquility and spiritual enlightenment are attracted to the island’s calm settings, as well as the temple’s historical and religious significance.

  10. Kareng Ghar, Sivsagar

    Kareng ghar in Assam
    The Garhgaon Palace is also a historical place in Assam known as Kareng Ghar. It is located near Garhgaon, which is 15 kilometers from Sivasagar. It is the most visible instance of Ahom architecture built out of wood and stone.
    Sunenphaa, Sukhrunghpaa’s son, used bricks to construct a 5 km-long wall around the palace in 1751.


Give yourself a break and make learning more interesting. There are many historical places in Assam to visit. Try visiting Assam once in your life, It is worth visiting because you will get to learn and understand a lot about the rich cultural history of the state. Assam is waiting for you to be explored!

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