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Collaborative Learning: Grouping for fun and Effective Learning



Aren’t we always delighted to study with friends? Be it school or be it college, friends have played a pivoting role in our academics. This, in formal terms, is called collaborative learning. It is a significant aspect of modern education as it helps make the same teaching and learning process more fun and creative.  Let’s…

Skills Education in Schools: Is This the Secret to Student Success?



Life can be tough, no matter who you are. What really counts is having the right skills. Have you ever wondered if your child knows how to take care of themselves? Can they make important decisions on their own? It’s crucial to teach them practical life skills. Learning about money, for instance, is more than…

Top 6 Unconventional Qualities of a Good Teacher in Today’s World

Overview of the rare qualities of a good teacher


Not everyone can become a good teacher; it takes more than just possessing qualities of a good teacher to be one. However, common traits exist among excellent teachers. These personal qualities of a teacher go beyond being a friendly presence or having a pleasing personality. Researchers worldwide have identified these traits by observing teachers whose…

Everything You Need to Know About Career Guidance for Students

Aguide to Everything you need to know about career guidance for students


Imagine you’re on a thrilling adventure, and you come across a crossroad with numerous paths leading in different directions. Maps act as a trusted guide at this crossroad, A map and compass will help you make well-informed decisions about your future path. Similarly, career guidance for students plays an important role in helping them make…

11 Freedom Fighters of India Who Shaped Our Nation’s Destiny


Ever wondered about life before India achieved independence? How people lived under oppression, fighting their way through? It’s bone-chilling. Today, we cherish freedom, Whether by parents, siblings, partners, or relatives, everyone yearns to live and speak freely. The constitution of India grants freedom of speech and expression as a fundamental right. But this cherished life…

The Top Benefits of Project Based Learning in Classroom

Why is project based learning important?


Moving away from conventional teaching methods and embracing dynamic, immersive approaches, project-based learning (PBL) has proven to be one of the best approaches to learning. By engaging students in hands-on, collaborative projects, PBL not only deepens their understanding of concepts but also sharpens their problem-solving skills and ignites their creativity. So, get ready to embark…

Top Must Have Life Skills to Learn for Your Child

Guide to Life skills to learn for your child


In our lifetime, we come across so many life skills to learn. In a manner of saying, these are the essential elements that later build us as a good citizen, a good son or daughter, a good student, and a good person. But, more than just that, they help make our lives a little smoother…

Ace Your Math Exam Preparation: 10 Easy Study Techniques

Math Exam preparation tips and techniques


Going through school life, did you ever wonder about your math exam preparation? Well, we understand how exhausting maths can be. Some students usually just skip through the syllabus until it is exam time. However, by effectively managing your time and cultivating good study habits, you can alleviate stress and increase your chances of success. Even…

5 Things The Top Schools in Guwahati Have in Common

Overview of the top schools in Guwahati


A Top school in Guwahati holds the key to provide a stellar education for our children. Therefore, In a world of increasing competition and demands, these schools offer much more than academic excellence. They prioritize a well-rounded education focusing on values, knowledge, and experiential learning. With a curriculum tailored to the modern digital landscape, these top cbse…

Top 5 cbse schools in Assam: A Comprehensive Guide

CBSE Schools in Assam


What makes CBSE the talk of the town among students and parents in Assam? Well, since its inception on July 1, 1962, CBSE has been rewriting the rules of education. With its headquarters in New Delhi, CBSE schools in Assam stand tall as beacons of quality education, thereby shaping the future of generations to come….

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