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Ace Your Math Exam Preparation: 10 Easy Study Techniques

Math Exam preparation tips and techniques


Going through school life, did you ever wonder about your math exam preparation? Well, we understand how exhausting maths can be. Some students usually just skip through the syllabus until it is exam time. However, by effectively managing your time and cultivating good study habits, you can alleviate stress and increase your chances of success. Even if math poses challenges and test-taking proves difficult, these strategies will help you study for a math test with greater ease and achieve better results.

Exams can be burdensome and utterly stressful, especially when we barely have time to manage all the subjects together. Therefore, dive into test exam online tips and strategies that will enhance your study approach and help you ace your math exam preparation.

Tips on Math Exam Preparation

Math exam preparation for students


1. Start Early

Preparing for a test starts with taking classes seriously. Avoid missing any classes or lectures. Being in the classroom is beneficial only when you pay close attention. Whenever you encounter an unclear concept, ask your teacher questions. Utilize the textbook as a resource and study a little every day.

2. Do Your Homework 

Homework and questions from the maths previous year question papers reinforce and help absorb the concepts from the lesson. Avoid copying others or skipping them, and treat your homework, along with the maths previous year question papers, as a valuable study guide that complements your exam preparation methods. 

3. Planning Your Approach

studying for math exam


Instead of leaving all your studying until the last minute, it is essential to plan and develop effective study skills and techniques to establish good habits. Set time limits for yourself and begin studying three days before the test. As the test day approaches, gradually reduce the workload. Here’s how the 3-2-1 approach works:

Three days before the test: Spend 60 minutes studying vocabulary, practicing numerous problems, and reviewing any incorrect answers from homework.

Two days before the test: Briefly review the vocabulary and complete 10–15 practice problems from several maths test paper within 45 minutes.

Night before exam: Review the important parts, and spend 30 minutes doing one homework problem from each previous night’s assignment.

4. Practice Tests and Mock Exams

Teachers will offer you old exams to practice, and sometimes you can even find them online. Rework these problems and review your homework and notes. Creating your practice test allows you to try your hand at each type of problem, preparing you for potential test questions for your math exam. 

5. Use Flashcards

Memorising formulae for math exam preparation


Math, like other subjects, necessitates memorization of concepts, vocabulary terms, and formulas. Creating flashcards with these items can aid in better retention. If the teacher permits a study guide during the test, incorporate vocabulary words and formulas into it. If not, at the beginning of the CBSE board exams, perform a brain dump and use it for reference in the future for math exam preparation. 

6. Practice Online

To prepare for your math test online, make sure to leverage all types of resources. There are websites specifically dedicated to subjects in math, such as, that provide valuable study materials. Additionally, you can find online math test papers that simulate the exam experience and help you assess your knowledge and skills. Other math test online platforms, like Khan Academy and YouTube, can also be of great assistance in understanding and practicing math concepts.

7. Try a Study Group

Study group for students


Math exam preparation can be enhanced by setting up study groups and working alongside friends. It’s helpful when you may not understand a concept that your friend does. Studying in groups can keep you on track, facilitate mutual learning from each other, and provide tips for your math exam. 

 8. Set Rewards

You can earn rewards for staying focused and preparing in advance for your math exam. Create your own rewards system based on your preferences. For instance, every time you complete a homework assignment, place a monetary reward in a jar if you wish to save up for a special gift. After the math exam, treat yourself by buying that present. Alternatively, celebrate your success in passing the math exam by rewarding yourself with self-care, such as a massage or a nice dinner.

 9. Get Ample Rest

Getting enough sleep is just as crucial as studying. Research suggests that memories become stable during sleep, and being sleep-deprived can negatively impact focus and attention. Therefore, when planning your study schedule, ensure that you allocate enough time for adequate sleep, especially one day before exam for successful math exam preparation. 

10. Environment Matters

While studying, you should find a quiet place where you can concentrate without distractions. This place could be a cafe, library, or even your own home. To minimize interruptions, you need to turn off electronic devices and keep only the necessary materials nearby. Creating a distraction-free study space will help you focus better, make your study sessions more productive, help you with your math exam preparation, and help you ace your math exam. 


Math exam preparation doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. By adopting effective study habits, starting early, and utilizing various resources like practice tests and study groups, you can approach math exams with confidence and achieve better results. Remember to stay consistent, manage your time wisely, and prioritize self-care to ensure you’re well-rested and focused during math exam time. With dedication and perseverance, you can overcome challenges and embrace the joy of learning math, making your school life a fulfilling and successful journey. Also read our blog on preparing for an exam in one day.


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